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The Growth of Mary Jane.
Part 3
By Twitchy.

He had done the ritual, spoken to the demon on the wall & now he waited. “Be patient” the creature had told him, “you will find the one you seek ". That had been weeks ago & he was starting to think he had dreamt the whole thing. To cheer himself up, he decided on a whim to go to the mall for a bit of retail therapy. Once there he had lunch, browsed the latest games then found a bench to sit and play what to do next. It was while he was thinking that a flash of red caught his eye. He turned to look and there she was, the single most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. Long red hair, long slender legs, eyes he could get lost in and, more importantly to him, she was round! Her hips were wide to support her large behind, her breasts were the size of his head and her belly must have been at least four feet around. He sat wide eyed and watched her enter the maternity store, wondering how the hell he had missed her.

at that way for what felt like hours until he saw her exit the shop with a trolley full of clothes. As she turned to head to another shop, he stood up and something told him to follow her. As he followed her lead he was hypnotised by her rear, its jiggle & sway attracting may a look from fellow shoppers. She entered the Anne Summers shop so he stopped a short distance down. His heart was pounding as he tried to find a reason for what he was doing. Sure he had a fascination for women with ample curves, especially in the midsection, but he had never been one to follow somebody. But this woman seemed to call to him, beg him to see her. For a while he just stood there, trying to make sense of what he was doing. Another flash of red brought him back to the real world. He looked up to see the same woman coming out of the shop with a huge smile on her face.

She walked forward about five feet when she stopped & an even bigger grin came on her face. He watched as she closed her eyes. The air around her seemed to ripple for a second & as it cleared she grew! He couldn't believe his eyes as the already large woman grew steadily bigger right in the middle of the walkway. Her eyes stayed closed, but her moans & the way she was rubbing her belly showed that she was more than enjoying what was happening. Other shoppers had stopped to see what was going on, all stunned at the strange erotic display unfolding in front of them. As her clothes grew tighter her moans got loader & his heart beat faster. He couldn't take his eyes off her, mentally recording every second. She opened her eyes and another ripple came over her, to his surprise the people around her started to leave, no longer noticing the growing girl right in front of them.

He continued to watch as she closed her eyes again, never missing a second of rubbing her now enormous belly. It was still swelling, her jeans groaning as they reached their limit. A load bang & the sound of shattering glass made him jump, the button of her jeans firing like a bullet & the zip ripping itself apart as her belly lurched to six feet of smooth flesh. The shop window opposite her had been destroyed, but still no one but him seemed to notice. He looked back at her in time to see another ripple & the rest of her start to grow as well. Within seconds her thighs, breasts & behind had doubled in size making the rest of the clothing tight. The seems pulled tight down her legs, the seat of her jeans groaned, her top covered less & less of her gravid belly as her boobs took up more & more room. He stared on, a firm tent pitched in his jeans as the most erotic thing in his life happened. He saw her grow & grow, her moans getting higher pitched as she neared what must be eight feet.  

It was obvious that she was closing in on a mind blowing finish, but he did not expect what happened next. Suddenly she screamed & her whole body swelled at a massive rate. Her jeans stretched then disintegrated around her. Her top pulled up to cover only her breasts before it shredded under the pressure. Her legs gave way & she fell back on her now well padded rear, the impact making her body jiggle for several seconds. He moved back as a wall of flesh rapidly came towards him and wedged her between two stores twenty feet apart. After what felt like forever, the growth slowed to a stop & her breath started to return to normal. The stunned look on his face said everything. Here in front of him sat some kind of Goddess in his eyes, so perfectly gravid. Five feet of boob lay upon twenty five feet of belly. Not a mark or blemish to be seen. He could not see behind her, but he guessed that her rear end had to be at least eight feet from how much taller she looked.

He looked up and saw her arms start to grope what she could reach. She had come back down and he thought she would go mad if she saw him just stood there staring look some kind of fool. He turned and ran to the bench he had been sitting on. He kept running the past hours events over in his mind. He had never seen someone so beautiful do something so erotic in his life. Twenty minutes & a lot if breathing later, he was finally calm enough to move. Deciding that it was time to leave, he headed out. On the way to his car, he spotted his red headed goddess putting her shopping in her car, wearing an new outfit (hers was in pieces in the mall, he thought). She got in, pulled off and drove past him. She looked straight at him & smiled. "Looks like the demon was right" he thought. "Now all I need to do is find out who she is...............".

End of Part 3
The Growth of Mary-Jane Part 3
Well, it took me long enough but part 3 is here. It's written from the perspective of Leon, who will become the main male lead in the story. I'm not 100% happy with it & may edit it yet. Any feedback is welcome. Enjoy.
First off I want to thank all my watchers & fave adders for your support. I won't bore you with the details, but it's been a rough time for me.

But, my new Muse has helped me so much & I will never be able to thank her enough. Which brings me on to:

Secondly, I finally have a direction to go in & most of part three is written. All the bits seemed to fall together today. As soon as it's finished it will be posted, warts & all. So stay tuned as there is more to come.
First off I want to thank all my watchers & fave adders for your support. I won't bore you with the details, but it's been a rough time for me.

But, my new Muse has helped me so much & I will never be able to thank her enough. Which brings me on to:

Secondly, I finally have a direction to go in & most of part three is written. All the bits seemed to fall together today. As soon as it's finished it will be posted, warts & all. So stay tuned as there is more to come.


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